What are your new years’ Resolutions?

Happy new year all! I can not believe that it is 2018!!!! How did that Happen? Crazy how the years seem to go by so much faster the older you get!

When the new year rolled in we all were stoked about making new resolutions for ourselves!!! The question lies now….where are we with those big motivations? Answering for myself…they lasted a good solid………………………..2 days!!!

Here are some of the things that some of my friends said they wanted to accomplish for the new year.

” I am so unmotivated, my goal this year is to try and accomplish more with my life!”-Known friend.


“I have too many debts and I just keep buying stuff I do not even need. I think I will pay them off and at least have lower debt….lol.” -Silly Known Friend

” OMG Francia, I am to overweight and I am want to go to the gym three times a week…you so should come with me!” – Friend B—-

“My problem is eating right, I love my junk food. I think I will try to have like nuts and other kinds of healthy fats and natural sugars.” -Friend K

“My desire this year is to see the world! That would be the coolest thing to go and see maybe like several countries!!” before 2019!!-Friend M

So, you all get the point of how we set such high goals and end up disappointing ourselves. It is funny in my mind how people plan to change their lives for the new year…and some do: but most end up feeling like a failure after a few weeks when the pounds do not drop or the end up spending more than not. Here are some suggestions I want to put out there for you.
For those of you who give yourselves such high mountains to climb…DON’T!!!

It is good to be motivated and determined but be realistic. Change first of all can be very challenging for some. Others it comes very easy.

Having goals and desires are all great things to have but just like anything they need to be in small or moderate portions.

Let us start with our first example. ” I am so unmotivated, my goal this year is to try and accomplish more with my life!”-Known friend. Being motivated is all in your head. Some of you might disagree but here is why I say this. EVERYTHING is in your head!!! ….well…okay maybe God allowing you to see another day is not in your head…But besides the point. 🙂

You chose to get out of bed and take a shower and get on with your day, or you can decide that the bed is better than facing the cold blizzard that we had in Colorado yesterday. :). For most of us, we do not have many choices about getting out of bed if we have jobs. Unless we want to lose that job. We were born with free will and ability to make our own choices. We decide what we want to do with our own lives. Being motivated is a choice. Making a resolution to be more motivated starts with the desire. Once the desire is in your mind it makes it so much easier to move forward and accomplish anything. All that rambling to see, set your mind to one thing and accomplish it then keep doing that until the goal you set; which is being motived is accomplished!

It takes one step at a time or one mile at a time to reach any destination. In order to accomplish those like steps, you have to physically get up and start walking. Again, with the miles, you have to do a bit more like getting the car ready and making sure you have gas. With life sometimes just the getting gas part is a challenge. Everything in life is a challenge you just have to face it with drive!…no puns intended 🙂

With every new thing in life, it takes time to get used to. With this new year, I hope you will be kind to yourself if all the goals you set forth are not met. That does not mean you do not reach for them but extend mercy if you think you failed. We are our own biggest critic. Failure is not what you are but a situation. Like anything else, situations can be mended and turned into successes!

With this new year always remind yourselves of how much of a success you are and how amazing person you are even if you succeed or do not reach your goals. Look at all the other things you did right!





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