It’s been a long day without you my friend!

Dear Jon,

If I could go back in years, months, weeks but most of all days this is what I would tell you!

I miss your laugh, your smile and dry sarcasm. You had a way of being there for everyone around you. You took the time to make sure you spread love and encouragement. I miss our long hours of conversation. I laugh when I recall how you would answer the phone when I would call you. Very dry and with a slang, “well, hello my dear! You always made whoever you talked to feel like they where they only one in the world. Thats pretty incredible how you related to others even when you might have been having a terrible day. Unless we knew you the pain was well hidden. You reached out when it was impossible, loved when it was difficult. I recall the looks in those beautiful blue eyes that would light up when we discuss Jesus. Man, how you loved Him. Being around you was seeing Him through you! So caring, forgiving, loving and compassionate. I can see you up there laughing and having a good time with those prophets and having a philosophical debate…man wish I could listen in. I can see that taking days…no years! Hahaha. One of my memories I am cherishing is the first time we met. You where about nine and I seven. We got to grandma’s house and I hardly spoke any English. You sat across from me and looked and observed. You said nothing at first but after awhile came up to me and tried talking. I did not understand you. Seeing that I did not comprehend you got some toys and played with me then took my hand and gave me a hug. Our friendship was sealed! 

You helped me around and stayed by my side pretty much the whole night. You became my best friend and protector. Whenever I got teased you did not take to the kids bulling me and put them in their place. Your heart was huge and full of love for the lost. You wanted to love and protect everyone.Today is a challenge because you are not hear for me to call, I wont be able to sit for hours and talk about things way above my head. You always knew when I did not understand and tried to explain, but even then, it was a little clearer than mud. I laugh and cry at the time when we went home and could not wait till dinner was cleared and we had our times in the living room. We would talk from after dinner till uncle Tim came down the stairs ready to head to work in the morning and tell us kids needed to get some sleep. It was the best tiring week of my life. I laugh because there where times we would talk so long that I would fall asleep and you would gently nudge me or lay me on the couch. You where the best big brother! Oh man, the time that you where texting this guy I liked for me. Even though he was not very nice you would sugar coat his mean replies so I would not be hurt. You always figured out creative ways to have a good time and not be sad about life. I miss our times, talks and debates. I can not wait to see you in heaven. When you went away, I lost a best friend and brother. I cry with pain but happiness too. I just wanted you to know today I struggle knowing your no longer hear but rejoice because you are truly happy with Him! Fly high my dear!