Rekindled! !!


Almost 20 years ago, a young naive little girl got in a green pickup and looked back for a last glance at the world she was leaving behind. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would be that long or if I would even have a chance to thank my mother. Being a seven year old it just seemed like I was not wanted. My mother saw it as just the opposite. She saw it as a way to give me life and a chance at having a life. I was so malnourished that my chance of survival was very slim. After I was adopted my world seemed to spin out of control.
Fast forward 20 years. I am now an adult and so curious to see my family and make sure that the 2010 earthquake had not wiped them out. Man, was I relieved to finally learn that they all were fine.My nerves almost failed me after booking the flights and the day arrived to go. Even though I knew my family, they still were strangers to me. 20 years is a very long time to be away from anyone never the less your own mother. When I left I was a child but returned as a woman. It was an adjustment for both my mother and me. But let me tell you how it all
On October 15th I got on an airplane to Haiti to visit the mother I left behind 20 years earlier. My stomach and everything seemed so out of control. The anxiety was mostly due to the questions that spun out of control.What would my mama think or feel about me? I left her as a child but now was returning as a woman. Would she become my friend and help me understand why she made her decision? For the longest time, I felt that she did not want me. I lived with a lot of questions and pain.I lived with the sense of abandonment for years. I needed closure. I wanted to know why! Once off the plane, I panicked! I had not been to Haiti in years and there were so many people surrounding me. Everyone wanted to give me a ride for a price.My family had told me that they would be waiting and they where nowhere to be seen. I was getting more than frustrated. I scanned the premises for what seemed like ever…(more like 20 minutes…but ever sound more dramatic ;)) Finally, not too far from the airport I saw my mother. After all those years her profile was still embedded in my brains. I ran to her so fast that I lost the suitcase I had in tow. Not only did my eyes cry tears but my heart did also. I felt …..found. Like a child searching for years to finally be captured. After all those years my heart was finding peace and questions where getting answered. I am so blessed to have TWO wonderful families. My adopted family members and my birth. However way it might be said my heart sees two group of people who sacrificed and love me endlessly. Adopting is one of the coolest things.Giving your heart and home to a child is such a blessing. I will never take my family’s love for granted and never seize to be thankful.




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